Research Area

Magnetic Systems

Mechanical Construction

Our design engineers and high quality measuring technology enable us to handle projects and orders in the best possible way. For this, we refer to the following competences:

  • Production oriented 3D design with current CAD software
  • Preparation of standard compliant design and production drawings
  • Components from machining production
  • Design and implementation using various rapid prototyping methods
  • Flexible and fast production thanks to in-house CNC milling and turning machines
  • In-house expertise in the field of surface technology and materials analysis
  • Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring technology for internal quality assurance and order measurements

In recent years, the magnetic systems department has successfully completed projects and orders on the following topics:

  • Magnetic characterization and visualization of permanent magnetic specimens
  • Measurement of alternating magnetic fields
  • Customer specific solutions for in-line quality testing
  • Stand-alone devices
  • Measuring stations with linear and rotary axes
  • Sensor technologies according to application and customer requirements (magneto optics, Hall sensors, AMR sensors,...)
  • Magnetic measurement equipment and quality assurance in industrial environments

Software used:

  • 3D design and drawing: Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016
  • FEM simulations: Ansys Mechanical 17.0
  • 3D measurement: Zeiss Calypso (in connection with coordinate measuring machine)
  • Circuit technology: Design Spark

Annika Ploetner

Team Leader
Magnetic Systems

Phone: +49 3641 282567