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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Magnetic Single Crystals

Single crystalline ferrite materials, such as rare earth iron garnets (REIG) and hexaferrites, are used for components of high-frequency devices in microwave technology. Yttrium iron garnet materials (YIG) are applied for the frequency range up to 40 GHz, and barium hexaferrite materials (BaM) for frequencies up to 100 GHz.
These single crystalline functional materials are used in spectrum analyzers, interference test receivers, generators and noise measurement systems.

Currently the following ferrite materials are prepared with the existing growth technology:

  • Yttrium iron garnet                                 Y3Fe5O12  (YIG)
  • Substituted yttrium-iron garnets          Y3Fe5-xGaxO12  (Ga:YIG)
  • M-type barium hexaferrite                     BaFe12O19 (BaM
  • Substituted barium hexaferrites           BaFe12-xScxO19 (Sc:BaM)


Timmy Reimann

Team Leader                                Crystalline Materials


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