Research Area

Magnetic Systems

Magnetic Field Scanner

  • Flexible build up with a movable fixation plate with M6 thread pattern or on a T-notch aluminium profile plate and T-slotted nuts
  • Embedded control and measurement evaluation unit
  • Mouse, keyboard, joystick and screen plug in via USB
  • Completely housed, front door with gas pressure spring and locking sensor
  • Measuring probes:
    • Highly integrated 3D Hall probe with 24Bit / 40khz (high end)
    • Highly integrated 3D Hall probe with 12Bit / 1khz (low cost)
    • Hall Arrays
    • MO Systems
    • Touch Sensor with Rubin Ball


Technical Data:

Measurement volume:300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm
Maximum speed:3 mm/s (up to 10 mm/s possible)
Limit switches:(magnetic (Hall-effect) sensors)
Design resolution of each stage:0,16 µm
Min. incremental motion:0,2 µm
Backlash:6 µm
Unidirectional repeatability:1 µm
Origin repeatability:1 µm
Operating temp.:-20 °C – 65 °C

Annika Ploetner

Team Leader
Magnetic Systems

Phone: +49 3641 282567