Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Coating and Surface Analysis of Optically Transparent Components

  • Two-beam reflectance method for the determination of thin films <120 nm (refractive index, film thickness)
  • Calculation of the angle and/or wavelength spectrum of reflection and transmission coefficients as a function of the coating properties
  • Brewster angle reflectance measurement for imaging surface modifications and contaminations on flat glass surfaces
  • Measurement of cleaning conditions and aging processes of glass surfaces (detection of cleaning films, glass corrosion, mechanical/chemical impressions, etc.)
  • Metrological quantification of abrasion and chemical resistance tests of coated glass surfaces
  • Development of fast and production oriented optical measuring methods for quality control of cleaning processes
  • Mobile measurement technology for production related on-site testing
  • Construction of sample devices and prototypes

Dr. Albrecht Hertzsch

Team Leader
Technical Optics

Phone: +49 3641 282589