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Magnetic & Optical Systems

CMOS MagView

Quality Control of Stray Fields


The camera-based CMOS-MagView system is a testing instrument for visualizing magnetic structures. Based on magneto-optical sensor technology, the imaging process allows fast and precise stray field control of magnetic materials in the near field. With the application software, a microstructural stray field analysis can be conveniently performed using magneto-optical images.
CMOS-MagView enables local analysis of polarity, homogeneity and local stray field distribution over a sensor area of 18 x 13 mm. Visualization can be used, for example:

  • Magnetic stray fields of magnetic encoders and dipole/multipole permanent magnets
  • Domain structures of electrical sheets
  • Information from magnetic stripe cards and magnetic inks


Download CMOS-MagView S

Download CMOS-MagView specification application

Timmy Reimann

Team Leader                                Crystalline Materials


Phone: +49 3641 282541