Magnetic single crystals and epitaxial layers

The development of innovative magnetic materials from volume crystals to monocrystalline functional layers is the subject of current research and development tasks.

The following focal points are currently in the foreground:

  • Single crystalline epitaxial functional layers (iron garnet layers)
  • Monocrystalline volume crystals (iron garnets, hexaferrites)


Typical areas of application for these materials are:

  • Magnetooptics (sensor layers for magnetooptical visualization processes)
  • Microwave devices (YIG epitaxial layers, ferrite crystals)
  • Spin wave devices (sub-micrometer YIG epitaxial layers)

Magnetic nano- and composite materials

We have many years of experience in the development of magnetic materials tailored to your needs, such as

  •     Magnetic polymers, e.g. magnetic shielding foils, magnetic printing pastes
  •     Magnetic nano- and microparticles
  •     Magneto-rheological fluids (ferrofluids)

Dr. Carsten Dubs

Head of Crystal Materials


Telefon: +49 3641 282564