Welcome to the department "Magnetic & Optical Systems"

  • The department "Magnetic & Optical Systems" does fundamental and application-oriented research and development within specific fields of magnetism, optics and crystal growth.
  • Based on many years of experience we offer research and development services for the industry and for small and medium enterprises. Here, we develop specific solutions based on magnetic and/or optical materials, systems and processes, and, together with our industrial partners, bring them into productivity.
  • The flexible linkage of our fields of work enables combinations and alternative deployments of various physical effects. Synergy effects by cooperation with the other INNOVENT departments enlarge the implementation range.
  • Our cooperations with internationally leading research facilities in Germany and abroad ensure the innovative level of our work. With our close relations with the industry and with small and medium enterprises we are able to realize fast technical implementations.


Rocco Holzhey, M.Sc.
Department head Magnetic & Optical Systems
Telefon: +49 3641 282515