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MOSES II is a magneto-optical readout system for forensic investigations. The system enables a fast, non-destructive and reliable visualisation of the magnetic audio tape information. Based on a modular design MOSES II supports the investigation of different audio tapes. The magneto-optical imaging technique allows identifying overwritten tapes. Besides magneto-optical readout an acoustic signal control is possible. This enables a fast detection of remarkable noises, cracks and traces of manipulation in combination with direct, precious and reliable visualisation of such magnetic information.

The full MOSES II - system contains the basis device including sensor unit, optical system and audio tape modules, a high resolution camera technique and digital imaging software.

magnetic range

0.01 to 30 kA/m 

sensor size 7 mm x 16 mm
optical resolution 5 µm
interface Firewire
camera resolution    
1.5 Megapixel
magnification 6x



MOBild_3.6.1_1.jpg MOBild_3.6.2_1.jpg

Stereo-magnet-track of an audio-tape with disturbance

Mono-magnet-track with erasing head mark and deleted area


1kHz-Tape with failure in 2nd trace


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