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The CMOS-MagView is a digital magneto-optical readout system for fast and accurate visualisation of magnetic field structures and field strengths. It is suitable for real time stray field analysis and quality testing. Magnetic stray fields of magnetic stripe cards, magnetic encoders and di- and multipolmagnets can be visualized.

Field changes due to inhomogeneities and cracks in ferromagnetic materials can be shown directly using our sensitive magneto-optical sensors. For a measurement the sensor must be applied to the magnetic surface. The MagView-software enables the analysis of magnetisation properties and the documentation of the specimen.


magnetic range     0.01 to 160 kA/m
sensor size 15 mm x 20 mm
optical resolution 25 µm
interface USB 2.0
image resolution    
6 Megapixel
image dynamic 12 Bit


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