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Softmagnetic ferrite-polymer composite

  • Softmagnetic ferrite-polymer composite serve for the production and miniaturisation of electronic components like coils, transducer, antennas and shieldings.
  • The basis of this softmagnetic ferrite-polymer composite are softmagnetic powders like e.g. MnZn-Ferrite, Carbonyl-iron, FeSi. These powders are dispersed homogeneous in polymers. For optimal processing properties the addition of additives (placticizer, antifoaming agent, process additives) as well as the encapsulation of the softmagnetic powders are necessary. The value of the initial permeability can be individually set up by modification of the mixing ratio ferrite powder/polymer.
  • The particular advantages of the softmagnetic ferrite-polymer composite are the free shaping and the low brittleness of the material, the wide-band property up to MHz-range and the high temperature-consistency of permeability up to values of the Curie temperature.
  • The structural investigations of the softmagnetic powders will be made by electron microscopy. For the magnetic characterisation an impedance measuring kit as well as a SQUID-magnetometer are available.


Planar coils with printed ferrit-polymer cores

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Initial permeability as a function of the temperature

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