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Shielding foils

To avoid electromagnetic pollution and electromagnetic interferences one needs the materials which effectively absorb electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency range. For these purposes we developed flexible foils of a typical thickness 0.5-1mm which consist of a polyolefin matrix and conductible and/or magnetic powders.
An ability of such materials to reflect, to absorb and to attenuate electromagnetic waves is mostly defined by their conductivity, permeability and dielectricity and may be optimized for any required application and/or frequency range by a proper choice of the powder combinations. In order to find an optimum powder mixture, we usually measure reflecting, absorbing and shielding properties of our foils in a closed coaxial measuring cell (TEM 2000) in the frequency range 40 MHz - 1 GHz.
Among the potential applications one can mention an attenuation of electromagnetic radiation as well as an elimination of electromagnetic interferences in various electronic facilities (mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, navigations systems, vehicle interval radars).





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