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Magnetic fluids

  • Magnetic fluids are designated as suspensions of magnetic particles in nonmagnetic carrier fluids. These particles have different size ranges from 20 nm to 100 nm (mean size 25 nm, 40 nm, 70 nm).
  • The particles consist of a magnetic core und a stable coating. The coatings may be varied depending on the applications, the same is concerned to the carrier fluid.  Due to their magnetic performance the particles offer a lot of applications in the medical field of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as cell labelling, cell separation or hyperthermia.
  • By dispersion of these particles in technical relevant carrier fluids, magnetorheological fluids with a high sedimentation and aging stability are obtained. 
  • Mixtures with magnetorheological fluids make technical sense.

Magnetflüssigkeiten engl

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Sedimentation rate of mixed MRF with different concentrations of magnetic fluid


REM image of particles of a magnetic fluid

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