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Magnetic Drug Release

  • For faster development of new medicaments improved active drug release is needed since only if the position of drug release is known the resorption of new drugs can be assessed.
  • At INNOVENT we developed a (patented) method for active drug releases which delivers drugs to defined positions inside the whole gastrointestinal tract. Localisation and release uses magnetic fields and its changes.  
  • Working principle:
      - A capsule, made out of several magnetic elements encloses the drug by the use of magnetic forces. 
      - The capsule can be tracked on its way through the gastrointestinal system by the use of magnetic monitoring.
      - At the position of interest the capsule can be opened by a simple demagnetising impulse. The drug is then released immediately.
  • Advantages of the method are (I) the simplicity, (II) the absence of electromagnetic or even ionising radiation and (III) the large transport volume.

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