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Impedance measurement

Networkanalyzer HP 4195A with Impedance test kit HP41951A

The networkanalyzer and the impedance test kit make possible the investigation of magnetic characteristics of materials/samples close to the demagnetised state (Rayleigh region). In combination with a thermostat a temperature-dependent characterisation is given.

Characteristic features

  • Measurement of inductance close to the demagnetised state
  • Measurement of temperature dependences

Principle of the measurement

The measurements usually take place with toroidal core coils. The measurements contain a direct determination of inductance as a function of the frequency. With the determined values and the effective magnetic core factors the complex initial permeabilities µ' und µ'' are computed.


Inductance: 10 pH to 30 mH
Quality factor: 0.1 to 1000
Range of frequency: 100 kHz to 500 MHz
Specimen configuration: The sample must be dimensioned so that we can prepare a toroidal core coil.


Toroidal core coil

impedanzmessplatz dt und englzoom per mouse click

Complex initial permeability as a function of the frequency

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