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Parylene Coating

to achieve
  • a hydrophobic , chemically resistant coating with good barrier properties against gases and water vapour
  • an excellent electrical isolation with high breakdown voltages and low dielectric constant
  • a bio-compatible and bio-stable coating (FDA certified class IV polymer)
  • a conformal thin transparent coating, widely free of micro pores , also in narrow gaps on complex styled substrates
  • a coating of substrates at room temperature in a vacuum chamber

selected properties of parylene (as pdf):

  • check of ability of parylene coating for a special problem
  • investigations of appropriate methods of pre-treatment to improve the adhesive properties of the parylene coating on the special substrate materials
  • investigations of appropriate methods of post-treatment to improve the thermal, mechanical and UV light resistances of the parylene coating
  • analysis of the layer properties at special requirements
Available equipment

Laboratory unit for parylene coating with maximum cylindrical volume for working:     22 cm (diameter) x 25 cm (height)

Suitable for investigations of the coating process, of the properties and application possibilities of parylene coatings

Furthermore the deposition of

  • parylene-C and
  • parylene-N

is possible with the following layer thicknesses:

  • typical:  3 µm - 7 µm
  • minimum: 200 nm,
  • maximum: 10 - 15 µm

  • electronics (aerospace, medical instruments and devices, automotive, measurement instrumentation)
    • protection and isolation of circuits and boards
    • protection of sensors against humidity and aggressive environments
    • protection of ferrites and magnetic materials
  • medical engineering
    • stents
    • catheter
    • pacemaker
    • elastomeric sealing gaskets (reduction of friction)
    • cannulas and probes
  • restrictions for application
    • temperatures above 120°C for a longer time
    • ultraviolet radiation

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Tel. +49 3641 282554

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