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Atmospheric pressure plasma

Based on the experiences in the field of CCVD (Combustion Chemical Vapour Deposition) and low pressure plasma treatments Innovent forces plasma processes which will be carried out at atmospheric pressure. In this context we see a high innovation potential on the field of thin film deposition processes (APCVD – Atmospheric Pressure plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition). At the moment the materials which can be deposited by atmospheric plasma processes are limited. Thus, Innovent concentrates on the application of new material systems and on the homogeneous deposition of thin films on large area flat substrates. Significant new results were obtained in the field of composite layers. These layers consist of thin SiOx base layers with incorporated nanoparticles, with the aim to create special functional properties like bactericidal behaviour or special fluorescent properties. Recent results are presented on the site “Publications”.

2015 a new atmospheric pressure plasma lab was established, for more detailed information about the used plasma equipment look here.

Following one can find a list of possible methods and applications:

AP Jetplasmen

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