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Functionalized glycosaminoglycans

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are long, unbranched polysaccharides with a disaccharide repeating unit which consists of an uronic acid and an amino sugar. Most natural GAGs are – in varying extend – sulfated on the hydroxyl or free amino groups of the carbohydrate backbone. read on


Functionalized dextrans

Dextrans are neutral, water soluble polysaccharides that are extracellularly produced from saccharose by Leuconostoc bacteria (L. mesenteroides and L. dextranicum). Native dextrans have a high molecular weight and consist only of α-D-glucose. By acidic hydrolysis and fractionated precipitation also dextrans with a lower molecular weight can be obtained. They are currently applied in medicin e.g. as substitute for blood plasm, osmotherapeutic agent and additive for radio-opaque substances. read on


Resorbable hydrogels

Hydrogels are hydrophilic polymeric networks with a three-dimensional cross-linked structure that are able to absorb large amount of water. Hydrogels based on synthetic and natural polymers are structurally similar to the extracellular matrix. Therefore resorbable hydrogels are commonly applied in regenerative medicine, in particular in the field of soft tissue reconstruction. read on

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